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Infrared Full Spectrum Sauna For Recovery & Wellness

At Edge, we utilize infrared saunas to help speed recovery.  The use of infrared saunas help to provide a deeper level of comfort and relaxation as well as one of the most effective means of heat transfer to the muscles and tissues that most need it.  


How do Infrared Saunas work?  What makes them different from traditional saunas?

Infrared light is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum that has the ability to penetrate human tissue, providing a soothing natural warmth.  These infrared lights help the body absorb 99% of the light energy emitted from the Infrared Saunas.  Traditional Saunas utilize hot rocks or steam to generate extremely high temperatures which will cause for some a very unbearable experience.  Infrared saunas directly heat the body allowing for a deeper, most detoxifying sweat and treatment.


What are the effects of Infrared Sauna Treatment?

  • Detoxification – Generate up to 7x more detoxifying sweat as compared to traditional saunas

  • Relaxation – Designed to encourage the purest form of relaxation and stress-reduction

  • Weight Loss – A single session can burn up to 600 calories – not to mention the additional thermogenic effects post-sauna treatment, boosting your overall metabolism.
  • Heart Health – The heaters have been clinically shown to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Pain Relief – The deep heat can provide considerable therapeutic relief for common conditions such as back, neck, and arthritic pain.
  • Anti-Aging – Improve your skin’s condition and appearance as the condition of your pores improve.
  • Muscle Recovery – Naturally increase your circulation , improving the oxygenation and nutrients that your muscles need for full recovery.


How can Infrared Sauna Treatment Help Me?

Among the many benefits listed below, the treatment can be utilized within your physical therapy treatment plan here at EDGE.  We utilize this tool to positively effect both the physical and mental aspect – its all about treating you and making you feel whole.    Schedule your consultation today!

Our team of physical therapists and staff coordinate their efforts to maximize pain relief and activity restoration through the utilization of various advanced healing and restorative modalities – centered around you.




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Athletes Recovery & Performance Health

At Edge PRO, the Infrared Full Spectrum Sauna is used as a way to raise our post-op patients’ core body temperatures. This allows them to warm up without the need to go through exercise movements, all while detoxifying the body through sweat. The infrared rays of the sauna can be used as a recovery tool for sports athletes by improving circulation, reducing blood pressure, and promoting relaxation.