Cryotherapy Treatment

For Recovery And  Pain Management

The body is exposed to cold air at temperatures ranging from -200F to -256F for a period between one and a half to three minutes.

Skin’s temperature is reduced to a lower temperature at a much faster rate, resulting in better results without the risks of an ice bath.

Dry cold, although technically much colder, feels significantly more tolerable than wet cold.


Cryotherapy for Arthritis

Muscle tissue does not freeze and no recovery time is needed. Cryotherapy can, therefore be used before and after a workout or during sport.

What happens during a Whole body Cryotherapy session?

A typical whole body cryotherapy program consists of 5 – 10 cryotherapy treatments in close succession (separated by 1-2 days — e.g. 3x/week) to maximize results.

Cryotherapy for Athletic Performance and Sports Recovery


Cryotherapy for

Firstly, you will be assessed for your suitability for whole body cryotherapy. You will be asked questions relating to your current and past health and you will need to sign a consent form.

Once ready and briefed by the operator you will enter the cryo chamber. The time that you spend in the chamber ranges from 1-3 minutes. Immediately after exiting the chamber the operator will check your skin temperature for safety.

We'll then ask you to change from your everyday clothes. We provide you with Knee high dry socks, dry non-slip closed-toe slippers, gloves, shorts or cotton underwear (men) a face mask and ear protection, or a hat. You'll also need to remove any jewelry that's not covered.