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Youth Sports Performance Programs At Edge Pro

At Edge PRO, we work with youth athletes to make sure that all of their sports health needs are met. By starting with select performance assessments, our physical therapy staff determines the required physical thresholds that each athlete needs to meet in order to play his/her sport efficiently and safely.

From there, our physical therapists perform a thorough analysis of each athlete to ensure that injury is not likely and preventable. In order for the athletes to continue playing the sports they love while staying healthy, our physical therapists may prescribe exercises to perform at home so that each athlete’s muscular imbalances and deficiencies are met.

Youth athletes are the future of the sports world. To make sure they can get there, we must plan for the future and maintain their health so that they continue playing with nothing holding them back.

Education is the Key to Success

Our rehabilitation team, are all former-athletes who have translated their passion for on-field success to the care they provide for their patients.  We value our knowledge on and off the field and translate that into an easy to digest format for our young warriors to take with them through life.

  • Provide one-on-one instruction in movement biomechanics
  • Provide instruction on sport-specific-movements
  • Provide take home video-home-programs to enhance consistency, integrity, and accountability.

Prepare now for On-Field Success

Working in tandem with leading sports performance providers, our integrated sports performance program has helped cultivate championship athletes, and championship teams.

Whether it has been helping a bodybuilder achieve his dream in becoming Mr. Olympia, rejuvenating top UFC fighters as they climb to the top, helping local state high school teams become state champions, we are here for you .

How We Can Help

Contact our expert team at EDGE PRO to ensure your youth athlete is meeting his movement needs and reaching his full potential.  Book a consultation today.

  • Guided Prehabilitation Programs
  • Guided Rehabilitation Programs
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Access to Leading Sports Performance and Personal Training
  • Access to Cryotherapy and Advanced Healing Modalities