No matter what sport you play and how hard you play, enjoy physical therapy & acupuncture customized for your sport, your routine, your edge.

No matter what sport you play and how hard you play, enjoy physical therapy & acupuncture customized for your sport, your routine, your edge.

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Sports Physical Therapy Driven by Advance Data Science & Amenities Designed To Support Elite Athletes Performance, Recovery And Health


Drive your performance and passion with personalized physical therapy and sports medicine. EDGE PRO can help you assess your functional performance, improve your athletic health, and enhance your recovery speed and prevent injuries.

With EDGE PRO, you will enjoy:

  • Personal physical therapy to move past pain and into performance
  • Optimized recovery and professional treatment to improve your quality of life
  • Prolonged athletic longevity through maintenance of physical care
  • Individualized exercise selections for enhancing proper movement patterns
  • Sport-specific programming for a stronger return to sport


In order to perform at your best, you must be able to move well, maintain proper mobility, and prevent yourself from injury. With a functional movement screening, you'll be able to find where exactly you have inefficiencies in your movement, what movements lead to potential injury, and what injuries can be prevented in the future. Come book an appointment with us today and find out how we can maximize your performance.

For all the PGA players and weekend golf enthusiasts, we want to make sure your body is in proper shape to play. Our physical therapists are TPI certified, allowing them to analyze suitable body mechanics, positions, and swings for all sizes and levels of golf players. Our TPI screenings will help ensure that you perform functionally on the course and stay injury-free.

During an intense season, it's crucial to keep track of how your body is doing to not slip into an unwanted injury. Our team will help you measure, train and recover from minor tear & wears.

The road back from an injury can be long and hard. At Edge PRO we have extensive experience helping athletes tackle and recover injury on all levels. With our team of experts, we will help you figure out the right way back on track.

To have extensive knowledge of your body and how it changes is important in order to know where you are right now. With a full-body composition analysis, you'll see your percentage of fat, lean muscle mass, and water weight. See how your body progresses with the numbers in front of you. Book an appointment today and get started.

EDGE PRO helps you maximize your potential and performance.

Our specialist team consists of former athletes, strength and conditioning experts, and movement professionals grounded in exercise-science methodology to provide advanced performance-based physical therapy assessments, comprehensive care, and effective athletic programs.

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WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPY restores your performance readiness.

Restore your body to elite-performance readiness by exposing it to subzero temperatures.

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DRY NEEDLING & ACUPUNCTURE get right to the Point

Eliminate chronic trigger points with techniques delivered to maintain a body in constant acceleration.

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Your health, wellness and recovery are at the heart of our state-of-the-art headquarters. Increase speed. Age more gracefully. Recover from an injury. Focus on your health goals. Integrate performance, recovery and restoration at Edge HQ.

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Drive athletic performance and recovery with professional sports medicine and physical therapy.

Athletes of all levels can increase speed and strength, decrease injuries and pain, and enjoy game-winning performance in any sport or activity.

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Integrate mind and body with customized treatments designed for your total well-being.

Physical therapy, relaxation and healing modalities support your holistic health and well-being with exclusive treatments designed to restore both mind and body.

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