Physical Therapy is a scientific and research-based approach that improves your body’s natural ability to self-heal by assisting you in regaining your strength, movement, endurance, and function – Leading you to a Better Quality of Life.

Who is EDGE For?

Motivated Individuals who are looking to understand the full extent of their injury, learn about the healing process, reduce any reliance on pain medication – ultimately to safely return to their active, pain-free self and stay there.

At Edge Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine ” We are Committed to Providing Excellent Patient Care in our Desire to Have you Achieve Your Best Outcome”

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Physical therapy is provided for people of all ages who want to decrease injury risk, improve impairments/functional limitations, as well as restrictions in activity. Everyone is different, and when you contact EDGE PT we will discuss your unique issues and decide if PT can be helpful

o EDGE PT therapists utilize the most evidence-based and modern methods to help patients improve their function. Treatments include hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic corrective exercise, deep muscle stimulation (DMS), functional dry needling, functional taping, NORMATEC compression boots, neuromuscular re-education. All treatments at EDGE PT are completed One on One with skilled professionals

In most cases physical therapy should NOT increase pain or make your condition worse. Sometimes treatments can be uncomfortable due to muscle or other body restriction but the PT's at EDGE will be monitoring and educating you about your progress to ensure proper response to their interventions.

Preventative care is always the best option to screen out for potential risk of injury, so seeing a PT before or soon after an injury can decrease the amount of time you'll need to recover. With direct access laws in NJ, patients can see a PT without a prescription from their MD so just because you aren't in pain now doesn't mean that you aren't at risk for injury later down the road. In certain cases your MD may want to hold off on beginning PT too soon after injury/surgery.

Your PT will discuss the history of your injury/functional limitation, run through a physical screen to test for potential impairments, provide treatment, and begin to build a unique plan of care for you. In most cases you'll leave with a home exercise program developed specifically for you. You'll also fill out relevant paperwork required by law

You should wear comfortable/workout type clothing/shoes with access to the skin/area around the region of concern. We do have areas for patients to change in

Initial Evaluations are typically between 1-1.5 hours and follow up visits are typically between 40min-1 hour. These will be fully One to One with the PT.

This can vary greatly on the type of injury as more major injuries can require months of rehabilitation. Most patients average 10-20 visits per episode of care over 4-6 weeks time.

o Show Up!
o Be an active participant in your rehab (ask questions, tell us your goals, etc)
o Consistently complete your home exercise program
o Please contact us if you are going to be late at least 2 hours before your appointment time.
o Stay focused during your PT visits.



Available for Booking: During your initial consultation, we will discuss an integrated treatment plan that may include multiple services.

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