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Ankle Sprain & Fracture | Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

At Edge HQ, our team of physical therapists provide proper hands-on care and treatment through the use of soft tissue mobilization and ankle strengthening.

Our Doctor Specialist …  provides a special analysis of your injury as well as specific modalities for your treatment. Our location hosts a wide range of equipment readily available for your rehabilitation training, such as the Keiser Pneumatic Resistance Machine, the Alter-G Anti Gravity Treadmill, and the Owens Recovery Science Blood Flow Restriction Unit. Our therapists will always make sure to keep you updated on your progress and provide you with home exercise programs to do at home to maintain that progress.


What are Ankle Sprains?

Ankle sprains are very common injuries.  These injuries generally occur due to an inward movement of the foot- this lateral ankle sprain injures the ligament representing 85% of all ankle sprains.  Poor rehabilitation after the sprain increases the likelihood of reinjury and recurrence.

The ankle sprain are common in recreational athletes, athletes who have suffered from ankle sprains typically report a recurrence 75% of the time.

Are Ankle Sprains affecting me?

Common symptoms include severe tenderness, swelling and bruising that may occur on one side or both.  This is usually accompanied by difficulties with walking, and pain with movement of the ankle in an inward motion.

Treatments for Ankle Sprains

The following are common treatments for improving your condition.  We highly recommend speaking to our team to discuss all treatment matters.

  • Using cryotherapy or cold-therapy-compression to reduce ligament pain and inflammation.
  • Using compressive bandages to provide added support to the ankle during recovery.
  • Strengthening lower leg muscles (calves, ankle muscles, etc.)
  • Utilizing BFR Therapy to improve muscular strength
  • Reducing tendon inflammation and pain using Class 4 Laser Therapy.
  • Correcting your walking using AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. 

Physical Therapy and Acupuncture for Ankle Sprains

If you are suffering from symptoms from your ankle sprain, come to EDGE HQ to get it diagnosed and treated by our podiatrist and physical therapy team. Our podiatrist provides a proper analysis of your condition and supplies you with specialized orthotics to ease daily life and activity.  Schedule your consultation today!

Our team of physical therapists and staff coordinate their efforts to maximize pain relief and activity restoration through the utilization of tissue mobilization, joint manipulation, and implementation of foot strengthening exercises. Our team also educates you on keeping up your progress at home, as well as informs you on when to use certain modalities when not in the clinic.