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AlterG – Anti Gravity Treadmill

At Edge Physical Therapy HQ , the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a groundbreaking piece of equipment used to reintroduce walking and/or running to patients with conditions such as: ACL repairs, total hip replacements, Achilles tendon repair, and essentially any lower body dysfunction.

The unloading of bodyweight puts significantly less stress on the patient’s joints, reconditioning our lower extremity patients’ walking and running mechanics ahead of routine post-operational schedule or return to sport timetable.

Utilizing NASA’s Gravity to Help Your Recovery

The AlterG utilizes NASA research used to help astronauts stay active and maintain muscle strength and endurance while on long space missions away from our home, Earth.

We are able to help unweight your body from 100% to as low as 20% in precise 1% increments for low-impact, pain free movement.

The technology helps to support the restoration of normal movement as well as providing a safe environment for you to work on your balance, and movement.


What are the functional uses of the AlterG Anti Gravity Treadmill?

  • Allows you to move pain-free again.

  • Enables early weight-bearing while protecting healing tissues from aggravation.
  • Reduces gravity to allow for more freedom of movement
  • Helps condition for those who require additional help .



How can the AlterG help me?

By reducing gravity, we can effectively improve muscle endurance, allowing for longer durations of exercise.  We can help those who are deconditioned, looking to lose weight, improve your walking mechanics, and for those runners who just need to run!  Schedule your consultation today!

Our team of physical therapists and staff coordinate their efforts to maximize pain relief and activity restoration through the utilization of various technological advancements that are clinically proven to restore you to another level of health and performance.   Choose the team that cares!