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Post Surgical Care & Rehabilitation at HQ


Our Edge HQ facility is designed to provide our patients with the highest level of care after an injury, post-surgery, and support patients to “return back to daily life”.  Our experienced interdisciplinary team of physical therapists, acupuncturists and movement specialists combine to develop a program that is uncompromised.  We bring professional athlete attention to you. 

Expedite Your Tissue Healing Process

The goal directly after your surgery occurs is to restore your circulation, reduce the bleeding throughout the surgical site, protect from re-injury, and prevent movement and muscle atrophy.

Our rehabilitation program has the tools you need to expedite this process – providing you an early start to a successful rehabilitation.

Our hands-on team will work with you one-on-one utilizing technologies such as Class 4 Laser Therapy, Normatec Compression, Whole Body Cryotherapy, used commonly by professional athletes around the world to enhance the healing and keep your body moving in the right direction.


Pain Resolution and Movement Restoration

During the process, we understand that pain is a real “pain in the…” literally.  Although pain should not be the main measure to determine success, we realize that pain is real, and must be managed.  Whether we are utilizing electrical stimulation, vibration percussion instruments, or using CBD during our hands-on-treatments, we place an emphasis on pain resolution so we can get to the real root of the problem – movement.

Movement Efficiency

Efficiency in life leads to less repetition, less mistakes, and overall faster and quicker results.  We get you back on your feet by unloading up to 80% of your weight with the AlterG Anti Gravity Treadmill. Couple this with Blood Flow Restriction Training, which improves muscle growth up to 5x quicker than without, and you are on your way back to movement health. 


Performance Tests and Measures for Everyday Life and Beyond

Gone is the day of eye-balling everything, we live in a day and age where data is readily available.  We use this in everything that we do as a movement health clinic.  Whether its understanding your true muscular strength with our advanced isometric testing devices, fine-tuning biomechanics for your golf swing with our TPI Mobility Program, or testing your balance with our comprehensive balance testing at our on-site diagnostics suite EDGE LAB we will always know where you stand.


Recovery and Longevity

We leave you a stronger, healthier, more educated person.  Our suite of equipment builds upon this notion, allowing for you to access our facility with a bevy of new advanced equipment and tools designed to leave you feeling better, more energized, stronger in both mind and body.  You are only as strong as your mind – a strong mind will lead to a strong body.  Lets strengthen both together!