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Electrical Stimulation for Pain Management & Muscle Stimulation

How is it used in rehabilitation?

  • At Edge Physical Therapy, electrical stimulation is used mainly for two purposes: pain management and muscle stimulation. For chronic back pain, our therapists attach electrodes to the patient’s back and turn on a continuous flow of electricity, effectively overriding the body’s pain signal. For muscle stimulation, our therapists attach electrodes to the patient’s post-op leg and turn on a pulsing flow of electricity, stimulating the upper leg muscles when pulsing and relaxing the muscles when off.
  • Improve Muscular Strength
  • Decrease Pain
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Decrease Swelling



How does Electrical Stimulation Help?

Electrical currents utilize electrical energy to help modulate and manage pain by stimulating sensory nerves.  These various mechanisms work to activate pain fibers that inhibit the transmission of pain signals at the level of the spine and muscle, as well as help to release endogenous opioids (the good kind!) to help combat pain relief.


What are the effects of Electrical Stimulation?

  • Decreasing short term pain

  • Improving exercise tolerance

  • Improving muscular contractions

  • Increasing circulation

  • Stimulates Nerve Function


How can Electrical Stimulation Help me?

Electrical Stimulation can help to reduce pain after an acute injury, combat chronic pain episodes and help reduce your tolerance on pain killers.

Particular currents can help to stimulate muscular contraction – providing you with stronger and more effective use of your muscles after an injury.  Think of it as a jumpstart for your car – except instead we are providing it on your actual muscles!

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