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Restore, Recover and Renew at our latest location for customized physical therapy and wellness in Fort Lee.

Restore, Recover and Renew at our latest location for physical therapy and wellness in Fort Lee.

Recovery Boost

Experience the perfect work out and sport recovery treatment designed for athletes, weekend warriors, to help you be at your best.

Experience the perfect work out and sport recovery treatment designed for athletes, weekend warriors, to help you be at your best.

Live well, age well, recover well

Take care of your mind and body with guided treatments designed to help you feel the best you can.

Take care of your mind and body with guided treatments designed to help you feel the best you can.

How can we help you?

Enjoy tailored physical therapy programs, wellness treatments, and amenities to bolster your health and quality of life.

Edge WELL Experience & Care

Edge Well is your center for total body wellness.  Experience customized physical therapy and wellness programs that support your recovery, mobility, and overall function.

Whether you are looking to rehab from an injury, build strength or enjoy holistic services such as acupuncture and infrared sauna, Edge Well supports your head-to-toe health and wellness.

About Us

Rehabilitation Programs

We address everyday concerns and partner with you to minimize long-term health risks.
Our team will analyze your movement profile, identify injury risks, and map out a program to improve your overall musculoskeletal health and maintain an active lifestyle.

Our pain relief treatments and management programs aim to reduce your pain and restore quality physical function. We combine the latest in rehabilitation technologies with adjunct holistic recovery treatments to provide comprehensive programs resolving areas of discomfort, reducing inflammation leading to pain relief and restoration.

Our goal is for you to resume training within a short period of time, reduce your injury risk, and improve your athletic longevity. We provide continued support for you to reach your goals and perform at your best.

Increase your activity level, recover from injury, build strength and enhance your quality of life.

Whether you found yourself injured from a mishap accident or from a long-lasting issue. Our physical therapist manages your injury through the use of therapeutic exercise, specific functional training, restorative healing modalities, and wellness services to alleviate problem areas and facilitate functional recovery.

Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center will help you navigate your post-surgical journey through expertly guided treatments, well-equipped rehabilitation tools and technology, and medical healing modalities that will accelerate the healing process and provide you the best possible outcome. We spared no expense in developing our program to provide the best level of care.

Physical Therapy Designed For You

Our professional team brings together clinical expertise, advanced equipment with holistic wellness services to provide effective treatment and quality programs. Our specialty programs are designed to fit your exact needs utilizing a patient-first and whole-body approach. 

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Be Above Baseline 

Optimize your flexibility, mobility, and functional abilities should not only happen when an injury and pain happens.

Maintaining tissue and joint mobility is the key to your movement health and longevity.

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Sports Specific Evaluations

Our physical therapist's expertise in sports medicine and health enables us to develop or improve your fitness or training program.

Our sports-specific evaluations provide a good understanding of your physical profile, movement patterns specific to sports, identify any weakness.

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Well Living

Suited for relaxation for the body and mind, Edge Well features our recovery lounge featuring advanced healing modalities and treatments. Specially designed to provide unparallel access for your rehabilitation, movement health, and wellness journey.

Align your body through the release of tight muscles, optimize your body alignment, and activate dormant muscles through our combination of therapeutic manual techniques including manipulation, soft tissue mobilisation, and assisted stretching.

Activate dormant muscles through corrective exercises, kinesio-taping and electrical stimulation to have your muscles ready for the next challenge.

Decrease your down-time and enhance your performance through recovery boost treatments customized by our physical therapy and wellness experts.

Our customized selection of manual therapy techniques and tools will leave your body in state of relaxation.

Combining advanced therapeutic technology and latest sports science methodology techniques such as laser, ultrasound, normatec compression, dynamic cupping will give you an extra edge in your recovery.

Rest Improving sleep cycles.

Hot and Cold Therapy, infrared sauna, jade mat, light soft tissue mobilisation techniques,

Much need a break and reduce stress. Private treatment rooms, wellness treatment, and amenities with overall physical and emotional benefits. Tense muscles, posture, reduce the build-up of toxins contributing to inflammation.

Relaxes sore muscles and restores vitality.

From trigger and pressure point

healing benefits youthful

Incorporate with our

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State of the Art Clinically-Proven Modalities available during your journey to deliver an uncompromised level of care.

Your personalized headquarters for physical therapy, sports medicine and better health.

Your health, wellness and recovery are at the heart of our state-of-the-art headquarters. Increase speed. Age more gracefully. Recover from an injury. Focus on your health goals. Integrate performance, recovery and restoration at Edge HQ.

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Drive athletic performance and recovery with professional sports medicine and physical therapy.

Athletes of all levels can increase speed and strength, decrease injuries and pain, and enjoy game-winning performance in any sport or activity.

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Integrate mind and body with customized treatments designed for your total well-being.

Physical therapy, relaxation and healing modalities support your holistic health and well-being with exclusive treatments designed to restore both mind and body.

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