Lets get You in to Meet one of our Physical Therapists to discuss your specific case and how we can do more for you.

We can then meet your Specific Expectations, Needs, and Requirements and have the Correct Plan of Action to Better Help You.

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To RECAP, Here’s What You Get
At Your “Free 20 Minute Discovery Session”

  • A 20 minute, Q & A Session with one of our Top Physical Therapists.

  • Top tips to help your self find more relief at home, later that same night

  • Advice on the best exercises - likely to be a combination of natural routines such as Pilates and Yoga

  • Learn what REAL Physical Therapy Is and What Successful Treatment Looks Like

  • Leave with a firm Diagnosis - find out what’s going wrong

  • Leave with a firm Prognosis - find out how many days to getting complete relief

  • Learn what the Team at EDGE is all about and how we can best serve your needs.


From your Physical Therapist,

Lawrence Kim

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist