• Improve Muscular Strength

  • Decrease Pain

  • Decrease Inflammation

  • Decrease Swelling


  • Commonly used in Athletics to Improve Muscle Strength after injury


When applied to tissue, electric currents create thermal, physiologic, and chemical responses. The currents also alter pain impulses. Interferential stimulation is the most commonly used form of electrical stimulation used in the physical therapy setting. Two channels of electrical stimulation create a third current that penetrates the affected tissues with little resistance. This stimulation helps control pain and muscle contractions. Interferential stimulation also reduces edema, swelling caused by fluid in the body’s tissues.

Neurodyn Aussie Sport stimulator produces AUSSIE CURRENT (also called Australian Current), a “new generation” of electrical current for stimulation with some advantages on the traditional methods of stimulation (Russian, Interferential, TENS e FES). This technique is non-invasive, non-addictive, and without undesirable side effects.

Options and Stimulation Modes

There are four output channels with independent intensity controls which permit or not simultaneous stimulation of four different areas during a treatment section. Aussie current is a kind of sinusoidal current with carrier frequency of either 1.000Hz or 4.000Hz with burst duration of 4 ms or 2 ms, modulated in pulse trains (bursts) of variable frequency ranging from 1 to 120 Hz. The stimulation can be provided in the following ways:

Continuous Mode in which the sensation of stimulation is continuous and constant.