30 MINS -$50

60 MINS - $80



Option 1 - The (Silver) 30 Minute Visit

You’ll get everything listed below…

  • Choice Of 13 Different Massages Styles: To end muscle tension and tightness. Each one is hand picked by me but chosen by you and will be done using sense stimulating, stress busting natural oils and creams (Hint: My most popular includes Swedish and Deep Tissue).
  • My Secret: “2 minute” technique (that’s all it takes) to slip you into your most relaxed state – EVER!
  • Full Muscle Evaluation And Posture Check: This is the equivalent of your own “stress and tension” severity check. (When we know what’s going wrong, we can start to put it right).
  • Most Amazing: The little known “Deep Muscle Therapy” strategy that increases the strength of your immune system by emptying out toxins.
  • Private: All of this will take place in your own private massage room ensuring your completely relaxed and able to savor every moment.
  • Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you’re dissatisfied with the session for any reason, simply leave without paying or call back up anytime up to 30 days later and ask for a full refund.

You’ll get all of this done for just $45

Option 2 - The (Gold) 60 Minute Visit

You’ll get everything listed above…PLUS…

  • This One Lasts Miles Longer: Get DOUBLE the time spent lying face down and relaxing whilst I use all of the 13 different massage styles (Hint: Have someone arrange to pick you up because after this much time spent on you, you might be too sleepy to drive home).
  • Head Massage: I’ll rub my hands deep into your head and add in my famous Indian Head Massage (Warning: after 10 minutes this may relax you to death!).
  • Stones: Get hot stones placed all over your body - at the same time as I go to work on the real tough “knots” in your muscles by hand. (Hint: This is like 2-for-1).

You’ll get all of this done for just $80