We Understand There are Many Options Out There.. So "What's So Special about EDGE Physical Therapy?"

  • Our Clients Have Sought us Out, and are a Highly Educated Consumer

  • We are 95% Word of Mouth Generated Business.

  • Our Therapists and Staff are U.S. Trained with Highly Designated Degrees and Certifications.  (We're Passionate)

  • We Place as much Emphasis on EDUCATING our Clients as to the Treatment they Receive, to get the Results that we all Want!

  • We Emphasize True Quality Hands on Manual Therapy! (YES HANDS-ON) that many Clinics Lack ( Up to 45 Minutes if Necessary)

  • We Use the Latest in Rehab Technology Before the "Big Chains"

  • We Spend Quality Time with our Clients!  45-60 Minute DIRECT Time. (Not one of those 5 Patients to One Therapist Places.. )


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Best in Health, 

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist - Physical Therapist