We Treat Athletes, Non Athletes, Seniors to get back to your Normal, Active, Pain-Free Self



I had been suffering with lower back pain, numbness in my quads and pain radiating into my knees which were already a weak spot. Walking distances caused swelling in my left knee. Stairs/kneeling were tough. After three months of one on one physical therapy and a guided regimen of exercises, the radiating pain is gone, muscles are looser, I can run up and down stairs again - in short I feel years younger! The cutting edge techniques combined with one on one intensive work allow you to spend less time at therapy and get quicker results. This paradigm shift makes Dino and the therapists at Edge the way to go! Thanks for getting it right and being there for ME.



I love coming to Edge Physical Therapy and can't imagine what I'd do without them. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable on the newest techniques to treat your injury. I came to Edge after tearing my ACL and having surgery. Johanns worked with me from day one on recovery and helped get me where I am today. I had great results and would highly recommend you check them out.


I have had chronic issues since I was 14 years old and have had a lot of experience with different physical therapists. The guys at Edge have my vote as one of the best, if no the best, physical therapists around. They are very thorough and want to get to the root of the problem instead of managing the symptoms. Besides my chronic pain, Dr. Law Kim is a genius in athletic development and has helped surpass plateaus and get me ahead. I would recommend them to anyone!



Lawrence and staff not only took away my back pain, but taught me other ways of preventing me from getting the pain again.  My balance has improved, my back pain is gone, and I get to spend more time with my grandkids.




SAMAN E.  - knee - Judo


My first experience at Edge Physical Therapy was excellent! I went in for a sport related injury regarding my leg that I didn't understand. Lawrence Kim took the time to narrow down the possibilities so he can treat the pain in my leg properly. He was very professional, personable and provided fantastic treatment. After 1 session with Lawrence, he was able to reduce my pain and increase my range of motion significantly. He also left me with great exercises to strengthen my leg that I can do at home. I just found my new Physical therapist and I highly recommend EDGE Physical Therapy to people looking for a great care taker.




I loved the attention and the hands on approach of the therapist. Not the sit back and watch you work but hands on working with you. i even brought my son there and was impressed how well they treated him. They even showed him a few exercises that would help him excel in his sports.



Edge is the model for other physical therapy and on a larger level private practice in general.  Lawrence employs a 1 on 1 philosophy and tailors your rehab based on your individual needs and goals, not a generic one size fits all program.  

My story: I came to Lawrence for an l5/s1 herniated disc and have recovered and made improvements immensely.  My doctor had initially recommended surgery but I decided I'd rather not go under the knife at 28 years old.  I instead went to a group physical therapy which was ok but only got me back to day to day not my active lifestyle.  I  then went to Lawrence.  He helped me with my goals of improving my overall fitness with his own knowledge and based on the muscle deficiencies he saw in me on top of the individualized therapy for my disc.  I would recommend Edge to anyone looking for individualized 1 on 1 therapy with a strong focus on patient care and follow up.


JAEL E.  - Weight Lifter

Edge has the best personalized care in the area. I recommend the dry needling techniques and BFR therapy, they helped with some muscle soreness and stiffness. As a current weight trainer I’m always looking for the most effective ways to recover quickly, and EDGE is second to none



Had my 4th knee surgery because I don't learn and decided to try Edge because of their reviews. They were definitely spot on. I held back reviewing them immediately even though they were great from the beginning until now (2 1/2 months into therapy)
These guys really care. I love the 1 on 1. I've been to other therapists before where I was alone doing exercises. Here, Lawrence and Nick were with me the whole time, correcting my form, pushing me to do more because I'm a slacker. They're also certified in some things I haven't experienced before like needling and another thing which I can't begin to explain. Sorry. 
Bottom line, they're great and if I ruin my knee again I'll be coming here!



Lawrence is amazing and I would recommend his service to ANYONE. I have been seeing him for a month now and he's truly helping my bum knee heal. He gives his clients so much one on one attention and demonstrates so many exercises to help you recover from any injury. Im so glad I met Lawrence and will continue to go back for any injury that I have.