• Improve overall Movement Patterns

  • Improve Muscular Activation

  • Decrease stress on a Joint

  • Improve Sport Performance or Recover after an Event


  • Activate proper movement patterns (muscles) prior to event.

  • Decrease pain along a joint to move faster and stronger.


Rocktape is a revolutionary new type of therapeutic kinesiology taping product designed to aid in the treatment and healing of various sports injuries, as well as improve physical performance. Common Problems that can be addressed using Rocktape Kinesiology Taping include issues such as Ankle Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, Golfers Elbow, Shin Splints, Low Back Disorders, Rotator Cuff Problems, Plantar Fasciitis, Swollen Ankles, Tennis Elbow, Calf Strains, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, just to name a few.

The application of Kinesiotape helps the muscles to activate partially due to the elevation of the skin and fascia which allows for better circulation and communication between the muscles and the nerves. 

“James Harden (NBA MVP),has worn kinesiology tape at various times throughout his career. I've been a big fan of kinesiology therapeutic tape ever since I was introduced to it years ago…it’s helped me stay competitive throughout the long NBA season when my body endures a lot of physical strains.”