-Our Approach -

Hands On Manual Therapy To Move the Shoulder Blade, Mid Back, Upper Back, Neck, Shoulder (Up to 45 Minutes if necessary)

Modalities to Reduce Inflammation and Irritation of the Muscles and Nerves

Therapeutic Massage Techniques to Relieve tension underneath the neck, trapezius, throughout the shoulder, and upper arm

Strengthening Exercises to Restore Mobility

EDUCATION to Inform our Client on Best Practices for Improving their Condition and taking back control

& More

- I have personally dealt with shoulder related problems and effects from surgery!

- Our Team has a multitude of personal and professional experience in regard to the appropriate management of cervical (neck) and shoulder (injuries)

-  We welcome all complex cases that other places could not get right!


Best in Health, 

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist - Physical Therapist