-Our Approach -

Hands On Manual Therapy To Improve Knee Joint Mobility, Range of Motion, and Muscular Flexibility (Up to 45 Minutes if necessary)

Modalities to Reduce Inflammation and Irritation of the Muscles and Nerves

Therapeutic Massage Techniques to Relieve tension behind the knee, around the knee, in the upper thigh and below.

Strengthening Exercises to Restore Mobility

EDUCATION to Inform our Client on Best Practices for Improving their Condition and taking back control

& More

- Many Knee Problems are associated with problems regarding weakness of the muscles above and below the joint, (Ankle/Hip Weakness)

- We are specially designated to improve knee ROM during total joint replacements, and have extensive experience in rehabbing complex sport injuries including ACL, MCL, Meniscus Injuries

-  We welcome all complex cases that other places could not get right!


Best in Health, 

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist - Physical Therapist