-Our Approach -

Hands On Manual Therapy To Improve Mobility throughout the movement system and all joints (Up to 45 Minutes if necessary)

Comprehensive Sports Functional Evaluation

Orthotics and Direct Relationships with Podiatrist(s) for comprehensive management

Return to Sport/Play Protocols

Therapeutic Massage Techniques to Relieve tension throughout the body.

Kinesiotape and other Taping techniques to restore proper joint position and muscle activation

Strengthening Exercises to Restore Mobility

EDUCATION to Inform our Client on Best Practices for Improving their Condition and taking back control

& More

- Ankle Sprains that are not rehabbed, are likely to be reinjured and restrained.

-  Inability to walk properly will put undue stress throughout the body and lead to further breakdown in the knee, hip, and back. 

Plantar Fasciitis


Best in Health, 

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist - Physical Therapist