* Booked with our Physical Therapist or Massage Therapist

30 Mins - $65

60 Mins - $120

One of the real reasons that people choose a Physical Therapistfor a Sports Massage is that they can access an injury expert at the same time. So you're getting double the value. You can ask our Physical Therapist as many questions as you want about the pain that you're in, injury advice, recovery techniques or any other such questions you might have, at the same time that you're getting the deep massage that your muscles need.

How deep do you want your Sports Massage?

If it’s a really deep Sports Massage that you need – that’s no problem, just tell your therapist that you need a really deep treatment and they will be sure to work as hard and as deeply into your muscles as you need > and if you have a really high pain threshold and need us to go deeper than we are, just tell us at right away or at any point during the treatment!

Common ways that a Sports Massage can help:

  • Relax general muscles stiffness and soreness of the legs
  • Reduce back stiffness
  • Ease hamstring tightness
  • Reduce calf muscle tightness
  • Relax stiff shoulders
  • Pre-event muscle preparation
  • Post-event muscle recovery
  • Reduce injury risk by reducing scar tissue of old injuries

Our Sports Massages can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes in length.