We Pride Ourselves on not just treating the area that "hurts", but treating the body comprehensively.  

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We Treat Many Common but also Uncommon Conditions that Other Facilities May be Unable to Attend To:  These are some of the related conditions:


Cervical Pain, Whiplash, Postural Pain, Forward Neck, Degenerative Disc Disease


Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Frozen Shoulder, Labral Tear, Sports Related Shoulder Injuries

Elbow / Hand:

Sports Related Elbow, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Wrist Fractures, Capral Tunnel Syndrome, Pain in the Thumb

Back / Hip: 

Back Pain, Sciatica, Stenosis, Disc Herniation, Hip Tears, Piriformis Syndrome, Hip Replacement


ACL , PCL, MCL , Arthritis, Meniscal Tear, Arthritis, Knee Replacement

Ankle / Foot:

Plantar Fasciitis, Ankle Sprain, Posterior TIbialis Tendonitis, Running Injuries, Orthotics