Diagnostic Ultrasound Testing for Muscle Tears and Rehab Applications

Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Testing for Tears has been a boon for physical therapists and sports medicine physicians alike and has helped transform health care.  


Diagnostic Testing Reveals a Partial Tear in the Quadricep muscle with loss of continuity.

Treatment thereafter involved PT sessions for 3 times / week for 6 weeks.


These techniques included graston based instrumented soft tissue mobilisation to improve muscle length of the quad.

Post imaging was then performed aafter the 6 week treatment cycle:


Post scanning revealed improved muscle texture and improved continuity of the quadriceps muscle, implying healed tissue.



The patient revealed improved measures of pain and improved function post 6 week period.

Utilizing diagnostic ultrasound with specific physical therapy lends to superior outcomes and validation using objective testing.