The Importance of Core Stabilization Exercises

When we move we have to rely on our muscles to keep us steady, and to keep us moving for normal every-day functions. Core stabilization is important because it helps keep the muscles of your trunk effectively supporting your spine and body. This creates balance when you move through your day to day activities. Core stability benefits everyone, from older people to top professional athletes. Exercises used to build up your core muscles can be implemented into every conditioning program, along with flexibility, strength, and aerobic training. 

When your core muscles are strong, the benefits are limitless:

  • Your posture is better.
  • Your body is balanced.
  • Your movement is more efficient and powerful.
  • You are less likely to be injured.

Why is this important?

The spine consists of numerous bones stacked upon one another, with small cushions in between each one. The core of each small disc has a cheese-like texture, and is surrounded by fibrous tissue. Also, to more effectively stabilize the spine, cartilage and ligaments adhere to multiple layers of soft tissue layered over the bones. Muscles are the largest connections surrounding these areas, and when they are strong they work properly, providing a solid foundation for movement and impact absorbtion.

Core strengthening will help you learn to use the inner muscles before you start to move, and will decrease the load your back muscles are taking on by assisting in stabilizing the spine. The main focuses when targeting your core muscles are: promoting better stability, breathing, and proper coordination of movements. 

Focusing on the core of the body as a way to promote strength and good health is an ancient idea. Yoga, Pilates, and tai chi all utilize this concept. Your trunk, where major muscles all tie in together, is the foundation for your posture, balance, and coordinated movement. From building more confidence by gaining strength and good balance, to experiencing the strong, healthy feeling that comes from good posture, the benefits are indeed limitless.

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